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Real-PlayerListen LiveKABQ 104.7 FMCountryAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveKANW 89.1 FMMixAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveKBQI Big I 107.9CountryAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveKDRF 103.3 Ed FMMixAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveKKOB AMMixAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveKKOB FMMixAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveKLQT Lite 95.1 FMMixAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerDSLKLYT M88RockAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveKMGA 99.5 Magic FMMixAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveKNML 610 AM The Sports AnimalSportAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveKPEK 100.3 The PeakMixAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveKRST Nasch FM 92.3CountryAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveKTEG 104.7 The EdgeRockAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveKUNM 89.9 FMPublic RadioAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveKZRR 94 RockRockAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen LiveViva El MariachiMariachiAlbuquerque
Real-PlayerListen Live¡Que Viva México!MariachiAlbuquerque