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California Live Radio Stations Fresno
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DSLBellyUp4Blues RadioBluesEscondido
Listen LiveBob FM 92.7 FMMixChico
Listen LiveChilltrax RadioChillout+LoungeSan Francisco
Listen LiveCRDC Classic Rock Deep CutsClassic RockOrange
Dial-Up | DSLEnergy Dance Radio 80s80`s 80sBonita
Real-PlayerListen LiveGeKATY-FM 101.3 FM the MixMixTemecula
Real-PlayerListen LiveJazz 88.5 FM KSBRJazzMarguerite
Real-PlayerListen LiveKABC 790 AMMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKABL RadioOldies+Big BandSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKALW Information RadioMixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKALX 90.7 FMMixBerkeley
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KALZ Alice 96.7MixFresno
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KAMP 97.1 Amp RadioMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKATJ Kat Country 100.7CountryVictorville
Real-PlayerListen LiveKATM Kat Country 103CountryModesto
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KAVL Fox Sports 610SportLancester
Real-PlayerListen LiveKAZU 90.3 FMMixPacific Grove
Real-PlayerListen LiveKBAYMixSan Jose
Real-PlayerListen LiveKBBY FM B-95.1Top 40Ventura
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KBFP La Preciosa 105.5 FMSpanishBakersfield
Real-PlayerListen LiveKBHRMixBig Bear
Real-PlayerListen LiveKBIG My 104.3MixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KBOS B95Hip Hop+RnBFresno
Real-PlayerListen LiveKBPK 90.1 FMMixFullerton
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KCBS 740 AMMixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKCBS 93.1 Jack FMMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKCEA 89.1 FMBig BandAtherton
Real-PlayerListen LiveKCHO 91.7 FMMixChico
Real-PlayerListen LiveKCLU 88.3 FMMixThousand Oaks
Real-PlayerListen LiveKCRW 89.9 FMMixSanta Monica
Real-PlayerListen LiveKCSBMixSanta Barbara
Real-PlayerDSLKCSM 91.1 FMJazzSan Mateo
Real-PlayerListen LiveKCSM Jazz 91JazzSan Mateo
Real-PlayerDial-Up | DSLKCSN 88.5 FMMixNorthridge
Real-PlayerListen LiveKCXX 103.9 FM X1039MixLake Arrowhea
Real-PlayerListen LiveKD (KDSK) RadioSchlager+50`s 50sThousand Oaks
Real-PlayerListen LiveKDAY-FM 93.5 KDAYRnB+Hip HopLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKDFC Classical 102.1 FMClassicalSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKDFO 98.5 The FoxRockBakersfield
Real-PlayerListen LiveKDGL - The Eagle 106.9 FMClassic HitsYucca Valley
Real-PlayerListen LiveKDIA The Light 1640 AMMixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKDLD - Jose FM 103.1MixSanta Monica
Real-PlayerListen LiveKDLE Indie 103.1 FMMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KDONCHRMonterey
Real-PlayerListen LiveKDUV 88.9 FMMixVisalia
Real-PlayerListen LiveKERNMixBakersfield
Real-PlayerListen LiveKEZR Mix 106.5MixSan Jose
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KFBK 1530 AMNews+TalkSacramento
Real-PlayerListen LiveKFCF 88.1 FMMixFresno
Real-PlayerListen LiveKFI 640 AMMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KFIV 1360 AMMixModesto
Real-PlayerDial-Up | DSLKFJC 89.7 FMMixLos Altos
Real-PlayerListen LiveKFMBMixSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen LiveKFOG 104.5 FMMixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKFOX 98.5 FMRockSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKFRC Movin 99.7 FMMixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KFRG K-FROG 95.1 FMCountryRiverside
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KFSO La Preciosa 92.8 FMSpanishFresno
Real-PlayerListen LiveKFSRMixFresno
Real-PlayerListen LiveKFWB La Mera Mera 980 AMMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KGB 101.5 FMRockSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KGBY Y92.5 FMMixSacramento
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KGGI 99.1 FMCHRRiverside
Real-PlayerListen LiveKHAY FM 100.7 K-H-A-YCountryVentura
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KHGE Big Country 102.7CountryFresno
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KHHT Hot 92 JamzRnBLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKHKK 104.1 The HawkRockModesto
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KHLX Classic 93.1Classic HitsSacramento
Real-PlayerListen LiveKHOPMixModesto
Real-PlayerListen LiveKHTK 1140 AMSportSacramento
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KHTS Channel 93.3CHRSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KHTY Fox Sports Radio 970SportBakersfield
Real-PlayerListen LiveKHUMMixFerndale
Real-PlayerListen LiveKHYL V101.1OldiesSacramento
Real-PlayerListen LiveKIFM Smooth Jazz 98.1 FMSmooth JazzSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KIIS 102.7 FMCHRLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KIOI Star 101.3MixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KION News Talk 1460 AMNews+TalkMonterey
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KIOZ Rock 105.3RockSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KISQ Kiss FMMixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KITS Live 105.3 FMRockSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKIXW AM Talk 960MixBarstow
Real-PlayerListen LiveKJLH 102.3 FMMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KJSN Sunny 102.3 FMMixModesco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKJWL K-Jewel 99.3 FMMixFresno
Real-PlayerListen LiveKKDV 92.1 FMPopWalnut Creek
Real-PlayerListen LiveKKFS 105.5 The FishMixSacramento
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KKGN Green 960TalkSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKKIQMixPleasanton
Real-PlayerListen LiveKKJG 98.1 K-JugCountrySan Luis Obispo
Real-PlayerListen LiveKKLA 99.5 FMMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKLAX-FM 97.9 La RazaMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKLCA FM 96.5 FMMixTahoe City
Real-PlayerDSLKLFF FM K-Life 89.3 FMMixSan Luis Obispo
Real-PlayerListen LiveKLIV 1590 AMNewsSan Jose
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KLLC Alice 97.3MixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KLLC Radio Alice 97.3 FMMixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKLOB-FM Jose 94.7LatinPalm Springs
Real-PlayerListen LiveKLOS 95.5 FMRockLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KLSD 1360 AMMixSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KLSX 97.1 Free FMMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KMEL 106.1 FMHip HopSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKMRO 90.3 FMMixCamarillo
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KMRQ Rock 96.7 FMRockModesto
Real-PlayerListen LiveKMUD 91.1 FMMixGarberville
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KMYTSmooth JazzTemecula
Real-PlayerListen LiveKNBR 680 AMSportSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKNBR FM 680 KNBRSport+TalkSan Francicso
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KNCI 105.1 FMCountrySacramento
Real-PlayerListen LiveKNCO AMMixGrass Valley
Real-PlayerListen LiveKNCO FM MyStarRadioMixGrass Valley
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KNEW 910 AMMixOakland
Real-PlayerListen LiveKNX 1070 AMNewsLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KOCN 105.1 K-OceanCHRMonterey
Real-PlayerListen LiveKODS FM 103.7 The RiverRock n Roll+OldiesCarnelian Bay
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KOGO 600 AMNews+TalkSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen LiveKOIT 96.5 FMMixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKOIT ChristmasMixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKOKO 94.3 FMOldiesFresno
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KOSO B92 NINEMixModesto
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KOST 103.5 FMMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKOZT The Coast 95.3 FMRockFort Bragg
Real-PlayerListen LiveKPBS 89.5 FMMixSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen LiveKPFA 94.1 FMMixBerkeley
Real-PlayerListen LiveKPFK 90.7 FMMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKPOO FM 89.5Reggae+BluesSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKPRZ 1210 AMMixSan Marcos
Real-PlayerListen LiveKPWR Power 106 FMHip HopLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKQCM - KQ92Pop+Top 40Palm Springs
Real-PlayerListen LiveKQED 88.5 FMMixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KQJK 93.7 FMMixSacramento
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KQOD Mega 100.7 FMRnB+DanceModesco
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KRAB 106.1 FMRockBakersfield
Real-PlayerListen LiveKRLA 870 AMMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKROQ 106.7 FMRockLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKRQQRockPasadena
Real-PlayerListen LiveKRRF Nash 106.3 FMClassic HitsSanta Barbara
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KRTH Kearth 101MixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKRTY 95.3 FMCountrySan Jose
Real-PlayerListen LiveKRTY ClassicCountrySan Jose
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KRZR 103.7 FMRockFresno
Real-PlayerListen LiveKSAN The Bone 107.7 FMRockSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKSCF 103.7 EnergyMixSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen LiveKSCO 1080 AMMixSanta Cruz
Real-PlayerListen LiveKSDS 88.3 - Jazz88.3JazzSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen LiveKSEG Eagle 96.9RockSacramento
Real-PlayerListen LiveKSEQ Q97Top40+Hip HopVisalia
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KSFM 102.5 FMMixSacramento
Real-PlayerListen LiveKSFO 560 AMMixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKSJO Bolly 92.3MixSan Jose
Real-PlayerListen LiveKSLGMixHumboldt
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KSOF Soft Rock 98.9 FMRockFresno
Real-PlayerListen LiveKSON 97.3 FMCountrySan Diego
Real-PlayerListen LiveKSSX-FM 95.7 KISS FM San DiegoCHRSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen LiveKTCT AM 1050 KNBRSport+TalkSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KTDD 1350 AM The ToadCountryRiverside
Real-PlayerListen LiveKTKZ 1380 AM the AnswerMixSacramento
Real-PlayerListen LiveKTLW - Air1 Radio 88.9 FMChristian RockLancaster
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KTOM 92.7 FMCountryMonterey
Real-PlayerListen LiveKTPIMixLancaster
Real-PlayerListen LiveKTWV Radio Hamrah 94.7 FMPersianLos Angeles
Real-PlayerDSLKUCI 88.9 FMMixIrvine
Real-PlayerListen LiveKUFX 98.5 FMRockSan Jose
Real-PlayerDial-Up | DSLKUSC 91.5 FMClassicalLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKVEN AM 1450 SportsradioSportVentura
Real-PlayerListen LiveKVMR 89.5 FMMixNevada City
Real-PlayerListen LiveKVNR Little Saigon RadioMixSanta Ana
Real-PlayerListen LiveKVPR 89.3 FMMixFresno
Real-PlayerListen LiveKVYB FM 103.3 The VibeRhythmicVentura
Real-PlayerListen LiveKWWV Wild 106.1 FMMixObispo
Real-PlayerListen LiveKXCM KX96CountryPalm Springs
Real-PlayerListen LiveKXOL-FM Mega 96.3 FMMixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen LiveKYCC 90.1 FMMixStockton
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KYLD Wild 94.9MixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KYMX 96.1 FMMixSacramento
Real-PlayerListen LiveKYNS 1340 AMMixSan Luis Obispo
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KYSR Star 98.7MixLos Angeles
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*KYXY 96.5 FMMixSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen LiveKZBR 95.7 The GameMixSan Francisco
Real-PlayerListen LiveKZRO Z100MixMt. Shasta
Real-PlayerListen LiveKZSU 90.1 FMMixStanford
Real-PlayerListen LiveKZXY Y102MixVictorville
Real-PlayerListen LiveKZZO 100.5 FMMixSacramento
Real-PlayerDSLSmoothLoungeLounge+ChilloutPacific Grove
Real-PlayerListen LiveWTF with Marc MaronMixSanta Monica
Real-PlayerListen LiveXHRM Magic 92.5RnBSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen LiveXHTZ Z90RnB+Hip HopSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen LiveXTRA FM 91XMixSan Diego
Real-PlayerListen LiveZMIX97Old SchoolLos Angeles