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Philippines Live Radio Stations Manila
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Real-PlayerListen Live102.7 Star FM ManilaMixManila
Real-PlayerListen Live105.1 Crossover FM ManilaMixManila
Real-PlayerListen Live106.1 Radio BoracayReggaeBoracay
Real-PlayerListen Live106.3 Hot FM DagupanMixDagupan
Real-PlayerListen Live89.5 Subic Bay Radio DWSBMixManila
Real-PlayerListen Live90.7 Love Radio Davao City DXBMMixDavao City
Real-PlayerListen Live90.7 Love Radio ManilaMixManila
Real-PlayerListen Live91.5 BigradioMixManila
Real-PlayerListen Live91.5 FM Win RadioMixManila
Real-PlayerListen Live91.9 Love Radio BacolodMixBacolod
Real-PlayerListen Live97.1 OKFM DWGB-FMMixLegazpi City
Real-PlayerListen Live97.9 Home Radio DYMBMixIloilo City
Real-PlayerListen Live97.9 Love Radio CebuMixCebu
Real-PlayerListen Live97.9 Love Radio ZamboangaMixZamboanga
Real-PlayerListen Live99.1 Spirit-FM DWAM-FMMixBatanga City
Real-PlayerListen LiveAir Waves FM! Mellow Touch AWFMMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveAksyon Radio Iloilo 720MixIloilo
Real-PlayerListen LiveBarangay 99.5 RT CebuMixCebu City
Real-PlayerListen LiveBlazin100 Philippines Online RadioMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveBombo Radyo Baguio DZWXMixBaguio City
Real-PlayerListen LiveBoracay Beach Radio 97.3 FMMixKalibo
Real-PlayerListen LiveBoracay.FMDanceBoracay
Real-PlayerListen LiveCool FM 90.1MixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveCool FM 96.7MixNaga City
Real-PlayerListen LiveDCG-FM Retro 105.9MixPasig
Real-PlayerListen LiveDominican Radio 102.3 FM ManaoagMixManaoag
Real-PlayerListen LiveDWCM 99.5 Love Radio LegazpiMixLegazpi
Real-PlayerListen LiveDWIP - Love Radio 94.5 FM SantiagoMixSantiago
Real-PlayerListen LiveDWIZ 882 KHZMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveDWIZ 89.3 FM News Radio DagupanMixDagupan
Real-PlayerListen LiveDWKI Kiss FM LucenaMixLucena City
Real-PlayerListen LiveDWRK Easy Rock 96.9 FMMixLegazpi
Real-PlayerListen LiveDWRR 101.9 FOR LIFE ManilaMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveDWRT 99.5 FMMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveDWXI El Shaddai 1314 AMMixMakati
Real-PlayerListen LiveDXRZ RMN ZamboangaMixZamboanga
Real-PlayerListen LiveDXWK - K101 Love Radio 101.5 FM General Santos CityMixGeneral Santos City
Real-PlayerListen LiveDYFR 98.7 FMMixCebu City
Real-PlayerListen LiveDYOK - Aksyon Radyo Iloilo 720 AMMixIloilo
Real-PlayerListen LiveDYRD 1161 AMMixTagbilaran City
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZASMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZBB 594 Super RadyoMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZFE 98.7 FMMixPasig City
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZGB - AM 729 kHzMixLegazpi City
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZMD 1161 AMMixDaet Camarines Norte
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZMM Radyo Patrol 630MixQuezon City
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZMS 1251 AMMixSorsogon City
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZOK 97.5 OKFMMixNaga
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZRB Radyo ng Bayan 738 khzMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZRH 666kHz ManilaMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZRJ 810 AM The Voice of the PhilippinesMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZRPMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZWM 864 AMMixAlaminos
Real-PlayerListen LiveDZXL RMN NewsMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveEnergy FM 91.5 Metro ManilaMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveEnergy FM Dagupan 90.3MixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveFreedom Online Radio 104.0MixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveHot FM 104.5 FM IloiloMixIloilo
Real-PlayerListen LiveiFM 93.9 DavaoMixDavao
Real-PlayerListen LiveiFM 93.9 ManilaMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveIFM Dagupan 104.7MixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveiFM IloiloMixIloilo
Real-PlayerListen LiveJam 88.3 FMMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveKatropa FMMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveLove Radio Manila DZMBMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveMagic 89.9 FMMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveMagnum 99.9 FM DXRKNewsCagayan de Oro
Real-PlayerListen LiveMonster Radio RX 93.1 FMMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveMOR 101.5 BacolodMixBacolod
Real-PlayerListen LiveMOR 93.9 LegazpiOldiesLegazpi
Real-PlayerListen LiveMOR IloiloOldiesIloilo
Real-PlayerListen LiveOne Radio 91.3 FMMixTabaco City
Real-PlayerListen LivePBS DZRM RadioMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LivePHR 80.9 FMMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LivePinoy RadioMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio DWKY 91.5 FMMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio High 105.9MixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Veritas 846 - DZRVMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadyo 5 92.3 News FM DWFMMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadyo KBYNMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadyo Natin 101.3 FMMixKiamba
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadyo Natin FM 105.5MixWhales
Real-PlayerListen LiveRakista RadioRockManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveRJ 100.3 FMMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveRMN CebuMixCebu
Real-PlayerListen LiveRMN ManilaMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveRockit RadyoOldiesManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveRX Cebu 105.9 FMMixCebu
Real-PlayerListen LiveStar FM Baguio 89.5 FMMixBaguio
Real-PlayerListen LiveStar FM Cotabato 93.7 FMMixCotabato
Real-PlayerListen LiveStar FM Davao 96.3 FMMixDavao
Real-PlayerListen LiveStar FM Dipolog 93.3 FMMixDipolog
Real-PlayerListen LiveStar FM Iloilo 99.5 FMMixIloilo
Real-PlayerListen LiveStar FM Roxas 103.7 FMMixRoxas
Real-PlayerListen LiveStar FM Zamboanga 93.9 FMMixZamboanga
Real-PlayerListen LiveSuper Radyo Kalibo DYRU 92.9 FMMixKalibo
Real-PlayerListen LiveUNTV RADIO LA VERDAD 1350 kHzMixQuezon City
Real-PlayerListen LiveUR 105.9 FM DZRJRock+MetalManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveWave 89.1 FMMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveWild FMMixZamboanga
Real-PlayerListen LiveXFM 92.3 FMMixManila
Real-PlayerListen LiveY101 FMMixCebu
Real-PlayerListen LiveYES! FM 101.1 ManilaMixManila