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Dial-Up | DSLAlpenmelodieFolk MusicStein
DSLAlpenRadioFolk MusicRuhpolding
Listen LiveBayerwaldradioFolk MusicPatersdorf
Listen LiveBR HeimatFolk MusicMuenchen
Listen LiveBR Heimat MobileFolk MusicMuenchen
Listen LiveBRF 2Folk MusicEupen
Listen LiveJankoHrasko RadioFolk MusicMalacky
Listen LiveORF Kaernten 97.8Folk MusicKlagenfurt
Listen LiveORF Radio NiederoesterreichFolk MusicSt Poelten
Listen LiveORF Radio Oberoesterreich 95.2Folk MusicLinz
Listen LiveORF Radio TirolFolk MusicInnsbruck
Listen LiveORF Salzburg 94.8Folk MusicSalzburg
Listen LiveORF Steiermark 95.4Folk MusicGraz
Listen LiveRadio Almrausch VolksmusikFolk MusicPeissenberg
Listen Liveradio B2 VolksmusikFolk MusicRostock
Listen LiveRadio DechovkaFolk MusicPrag
Listen LiveRadio EvivaFolk MusicZuerich
Listen LiveRadio HeimatmelodieFolk MusicRegensburg
Listen LiveRadio JodlerwirtFolk MusicPeissenberg
Listen LiveRadio MelodieFolk MusicKleinblittersdorf
Listen LiveRadio MelodieFolk MusicKleinbittersdorf
Listen LiveRadio Paloma - VolksmusikFolk MusicBerlin
Listen LiveRadio SchwabenwelleFolk MusicMurrhardt
Listen LiveRadio TellFolk MusicKehrsatz
Listen LiveRadio U1Folk MusicSchwaz
Real-PlayerListen LiveRSA RadioFolk MusicKempten
Real-PlayerListen LiveSchlagerPlanet Radio - 100% VolksmusikFolk MusicMuenchen
Real-PlayerListen LiveSchwany 1 - VolksmusikFolk MusicAiterhofen
Real-PlayerListen LiveSchwany 3 - Echte VolksmusikFolk MusicAiterhofen
Real-PlayerListen LiveSchwany 4 - BlasmusikVolksmusik+BlasmusikAiterhofen
Real-PlayerListen LiveSchwany 5 - Oberkrain RadioFolk MusicAiterhofen
Real-PlayerDSLSpiel mir einer RadioFolk MusicTerborg
Real-PlayerListen LiveSRF MusikwelleFolk MusicZuerich
Real-PlayerDial-Up | DSLSWR 4 RP LiveFolk MusicMainz
Real-PlayerListen LiveVolksmusik.FMFolk MusicAachen
Real-PlayerListen LiveVolksmusikpurFolk MusicWien