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80s Music Hits on the Radio from around the World

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Dial-Up | DSL#Musik.Goldies on RauteMusik.FMOldies+80`s 80sAachen
Real-PlayerListen Live(ROCKRADIO.COM) 80s Alternative80`s 80s+RockDenver
Real-PlayerListen Live(ROCKRADIO.COM) 80s Rock80`s 80s+RockDenver
Real-PlayerListen Live1.FM - 80s & 90s80`s 80sSoutheastern
Real-PlayerListen Live101.ru Diskoteka 8080`s 80sMoskau
Real-PlayerListen Live181.fm 80's HairBand's80`s 80sWaynesboro
Real-PlayerListen Live181.fm Awesome 8080`s 80sWaynesboro
Real-PlayerListen Live181.fm Lite 8080`s 80sWaynesboro
Real-PlayerListen Live1980 TICK TOCK RADIO Hits from 198080`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen Live1980s.FM80`s 80sSilverspring
Real-PlayerListen Live1981 TICK TOCK RADIO Hits from 198180`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen Live1982 TICK TOCK RADIO Hits from 198280`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen Live1983 TICK TOCK RADIO Hits from 198380`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen Live1984 TICK TOCK RADIO Hits from 198480`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen Live1985 TICK TOCK RADIO Hits from 198580`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen Live1986 TICK TOCK RADIO Hits from 198680`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen Live1987 TICK TOCK RADIO Hits from 198780`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen Live1988 TICK TOCK RADIO Hits from 198880`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen Live1989 TICK TOCK RADIO Hits from 198980`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen Live1A 80er Hits80`s 80sMagdeburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80er FM Berlin80`s 80sBerlin
Real-PlayerListen Live80er Radio NRW80`s 80sKoeln
Real-PlayerListen Live80s Hair Bands on AccuRadio80`s 80sChicago
Real-PlayerDSL80s Hot Mix Radio80`s 80sParis
Real-PlayerListen Live80s Total80`s 80sBerlin
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s Dance80`s 80s+DanceHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s David Bowie70`s 70s+80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s Depeche Mode80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s Deutsch80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s Hamburg – meine Stadt80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s In The Mix80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s Italo Disco80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s Live80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s Maxis80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s mv Radio80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s NDW80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s Neo80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s Partyhits80`s 80s+PartyHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s Queen80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s Summer80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen Live80s80s Wave80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen LiveA Flock of Eighties on AccuRadio80`s 80sChicago
Real-PlayerListen LiveABC 80s80`s 80sDublin
Real-PlayerListen LiveAbsolut 80iger80`s 80sMuechen
Real-PlayerListen LiveAladin Classic Music80`s 80s+RockBremen
Real-PlayerListen LiveAntenne Bayern - 80er Kulthits80`s 80sMuenchen
Real-PlayerListen LiveAntenne Niedersachsen 80er80`s 80sHannover
Real-PlayerListen LiveAntenne Niedersachsen 80er Party80`s 80sHannover
Real-PlayerListen LiveAntenne NRW - 80er hits80`s 80sDuesseldorf
Real-PlayerListen LiveAntenne Thueringen 80er80`s 80sWeimar
Real-PlayerDSLAntenne Vorarlberg Die 80er80`s 80sSchwarzach
Real-PlayerDSLAntenne Vorarlberg Partymix80`s 80sSchwarzach
Real-PlayerListen LiveAntenne Vorarlberg Plus 80er,90er80`s 80s+90`s 90sSchwarzach
Real-PlayerListen LiveAntenne Vorarlberg Plus Neue Hits80`s 80s+90`s 90sSchwarzach
Real-PlayerListen LiveArabella 80er80`s 80sWien
Real-PlayerListen LiveAvto Radio 90.3 FM Moscow80`s 80sMoscow
Real-PlayerListen Livebaden.fm 80er80`s 80sFreiburg
Real-PlayerListen LiveBerliner Rundfunk 91.470`s 70s+80`s 80sBerlin
Real-PlayerDSLBest of 80s80`s 80sKonstanz
Real-PlayerListen LiveBilly Joel Radio - harmony.fm80`s 80s+Artist RadioBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerListen LiveBoomerang 80's80`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen LiveCafe 80s FM80`s 80sBuchholz
Real-PlayerListen LiveCharivari Kult-80er80`s 80sRegensburg
Real-PlayerListen LiveCherie 80s80`s 80sParis
Real-PlayerListen LiveCien Radios - 80s Internacional80`s 80sBuenos Aires
Real-PlayerListen LiveCien Radios - 80s Nacional80`s 80sBuenos Aires
Real-PlayerListen LiveClub85 Maxi-Mix80`s 80s+Italo DiscoBerlin
Real-PlayerListen LiveCountry Music Radio - 80's CountryCountry+80`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen LiveDecibel - 80s80`s 80sAmsterdam
Real-PlayerListen LiveDepeche Mode Radio - harmony.fm80`s 80s+Artist RadioBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerListen LiveDie freshen 2 - Erwarten Sie nichts!80`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen LiveDIE NEUE 107.7 - 80er80`s 80sStuttgart
Real-PlayerDSLDisco 8080`s 80sMoskau
Real-PlayerListen LiveDiscomania Radio80`s 80sAthen
Real-PlayerListen LiveEasy 80s - The 80's smoothest songs80`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen LiveElton John Radio - harmony.fm80`s 80s+Artist RadioBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerDial-Up | DSLEnergy Dance Radio 80s80`s 80sBonita
Real-PlayerListen LiveEurythmics Radio - harmony.fm80`s 80s+Artist RadioBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerListen LiveFantasy Gigs 80's Live80`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen LiveFantasy Gigs Megastars Live80`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen LiveFantasy Gigs Synths Live80`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen LiveFeierfreund - 80s Party Hits80`s 80sBerlin
Real-PlayerListen LiveFeierfreund - NDW Party80`s 80sBerlin
Real-PlayerListen LiveFFH Die 80er80`s 80sBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerDial-Up | DSLfresh80s80`s 80s+Italo DiscoHamburg
Real-PlayerDSLGeneration Disco Funk70`s 70s+80`s 80sParis
Real-PlayerListen LiveGong 80er Hits80`s 80sMuenchen
Real-PlayerListen LiveHamburg ZWEI 95.080`s 80sHamburg
Real-PlayerListen LiveHarmony.FM80`s 80sBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerListen LiveHITRADIO RTL 80ernew80`s 80sDresden
Real-PlayerListen LiveImagina 88.1 FM70`s 70s+80`s 80sSantiago
Real-PlayerListen LiveItalo Disco Radio80`s 80s+Italo DiscoZagreb
Real-PlayerListen LiveJango Radio 80s80`s 80sNew York
Real-PlayerListen LiveKHPT 106.9 The Eagle80`s 80sHouston
Real-PlayerListen LiveKim Wild Radio - harmony.fm80`s 80s+Artist RadioBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerListen LiveLife Radio Tirol 80snew80`s 80sInnsbruck
Real-PlayerListen LiveLove Radio - 80's80`s 80s+Love SongsDubai
Real-PlayerListen LiveLradio80`s 80sPluherlin
Real-PlayerListen Livelulu80XL80`s 80sKoeln
Real-PlayerListen LiveM1.FM 80er80`s 80sBerlin
Real-PlayerListen LiveM2 8080`s 80sParis
Real-PlayerListen LiveM80 Radio Portugal80`s 80sLissabon
Real-PlayerListen LiveMadonna Radio - harmony.fm80`s 80s+Artist RadioBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerDSLMAXI 8080`s 80sParis
Real-PlayerListen LiveMega 80s80`s 80sAugsburg
Real-PlayerListen LiveMEGARADIOmix 80s80`s 80sBerlin
Real-PlayerListen LiveMelodia FM Disco70`s 70s+80`s 80sKiev
Real-PlayerListen LiveMelodia FM Italiano80`s 80sKiev
Real-PlayerListen LiveMichael Jackson Radio - harmony.fm80`s 80s+Artist RadioBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerListen Livenon stop 80s radio80`s 80sLondon
Real-PlayerListen LiveNORA 80er Stream80`s 80sKiel
Real-PlayerListen LiveNostalgie 8080`s 80sBruessel
Real-PlayerListen LiveNOSTALGIE Best of 80s80`s 80sBerlin
Real-PlayerListen LiveNostalgie Dance 8080`s 80sBruessel
Real-PlayerListen LiveNostalgie Pop 8080`s 80sBruessel
Real-PlayerListen LiveNOSTALGIE Pop Rock 8080`s 80sBerlin
Real-PlayerListen LiveNostalgie Rock 8080`s 80s+RockBruessel
Real-PlayerListen LiveNRJ-CH 80s80`s 80sZuerich
Real-PlayerListen LiveOchentera Radio80`s 80sBogota
Real-PlayerListen LiveOlddie Antenne - 80er New Wave80`s 80sIsmaning
Real-PlayerListen LiveOldie Antenne - NDW80`s 80sIsmaning
Real-PlayerListen LivePet Shop Boys Radio - harmony.fm80`s 80s+Artist RadioBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerListen LivePhil Collins Radio - harmony.fm80`s 80s+Artist RadioBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerListen LivePositively 80s Music80`s 80sDubai
Real-PlayerListen LiveQMR 80s80`s 80sLondon
Real-PlayerListen LiveQueen Radio - harmony.fm80`s 80s+Artist RadioBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerListen LiveR.SH 80er80`s 80sKiel
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio 10 80s80`s 80sHilversum
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio 11280`s 80s+Top 40Schuelp
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio 8080`s 80sNovento Padovana
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio 80 FM The 80s decade80`s 80sRio de Janeiro
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio 80 Romania80`s 80sBucharest
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Austria Best of 80s80`s 80sWien
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Brocken 80er80`s 80sHalle
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio FFN nur 80er80`s 80sHannover
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Nostalgie 80s80`s 80sEindhoven
Real-PlayerListen LiveRADIO PSR 80er80`s 80sLeipzig
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Romance 2180`s 80s+90`s 90sMaramures
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Rosengartennew80`s 80s+Italo DiscoKehlen
Real-PlayerListen Liveradio SAW - In The Mix 80ernew80`s 80sMagdeburg
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio SCOOP 100% 80's80`s 80sLyon
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Scoop 8080`s 80sLyon
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Stad Den Haag 97,2 FM80`s 80sDen Haag
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Ton - 80er Disco80`s 80sHeilbronn
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Ton - 80er Feelings80`s 80sHeilbronn
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Ton - 80er Funky Friyday80`s 80sHeilbronn
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Ton - 80er Germany80`s 80sHeilbronn
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Ton - 80er Hollywood80`s 80sHeilbronn
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Ton - 80er Live80`s 80sHeilbronn
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Ton - 80er Longplay80`s 80sHeilbronn
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Ton - 80er Rock80`s 80s+RockHeilbronn
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Ton - 80er Workout80`s 80s+WorkoutHeilbronn
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio Ton - 80er Zauberwuerfel80`s 80sHeilbronn
Real-PlayerDial-Up | DSLRadio Ton 103.2 FM80`s 80sHeilbronn
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio WaveItalo80`s 80sDietikon
Real-PlayerListen LiveRadio ZET Gold 8080`s 80sWarszawa
Real-PlayerDial-Up | DSLRadioTunes - 80s Rock Hits80`s 80s+RockDenver
Real-PlayerDial-Up | DSLRadioTunes - Best of the 80s80`s 80s+Top 40Denver
Real-PlayerListen LiveRFM 80s80`s 80sLissabon
Real-PlayerListen LiveRMC 8080`s 80sMailand
Real-PlayerListen LiveRMI Italo Disco ClassicItalo Disco+80`s 80sStettin
Real-PlayerListen LiveRock Antenne 80er Rock80`s 80s+RockIsmaning
Real-PlayerListen LiveRoxette Radio - harmony.fm80`s 80s+Artist RadioBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerListen LiveRPR1 80er80`s 80sLudwigshafen
Real-PlayerListen LiveSAw 80er80`s 80sMagdeburg
Real-PlayerListen LiveShowAgenten Radio80`s 80s+90`s 90sBerlin
Real-PlayerListen LiveSomaFM Underground 80s80`s 80sSan Francisko
Real-PlayerListen LiveStar 107.9 FM80`s 80sReynoldsburg
Real-PlayerListen LiveSTAR*SAT RADIO80`s 80s+Top 40Berlin
Real-PlayerListen LiveThe Big 80s Station80`s 80sNew York
Real-PlayerDSLThe Lynx Retro 80s80`s 80sCalgary
Real-PlayerListen LiveTina Turner Radio - harmony.fm80`s 80s+Artist RadioBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerListen LiveUniverso 93.7 FM80`s 80sSantiago
Real-PlayerListen LiveVelvet FM80`s 80sAthen
Real-PlayerListen LiveVIRGIN ROCK 8080`s 80s+RockMailand
Real-PlayerListen LiveWBRW The Brew 105.7 FM80`s 80s+RockColumbus
Real-PlayerListen LiveWhitney Houston Radio - harmony.fm80`s 80s+Artist RadioBad Vilbel
Real-PlayerListen LiveWideline Radio80`s 80s+DancePordenone
Real-PlayerListen Live US Radio*WQBW 97.3 Radio Now80`s 80sMilwaukee
Real-PlayerListen LiveYesterday FM80`s 80sKleinblittersdorf